Only the Brave

Africa Appeal

Sound Design and Narration recording


Have a listen to the sound effects on this clip to get a feel for how id audio used sound to make this mute animated video come alive. Many of these sounds came from the archives of pre-recorded sound-effect we keep on our in-house computer servers. It just takes a quick key-word search and the right sound will be dropped into your project in seconds. And if that sound doesn’t exist on the archives, we’ll make it for you right here in our foley studio.

Discovery Channel

Coming Season

Sound Design and Mixing

video11When a big international broadcast client wants The Who, they get The Who. And when they come to id audio, they get a lot more. In fact they get an entire layered soundtrack with voices and synch sound effects as well. This is mixed to their precise broadcast technical spec and delivered ready for transmission. Even the big boys need a bargain sometimes … especially when they broke the budget on the music rights alone!


Cutting Through Complexity

Original Music Composition


We first got into audio because of our love of music. And nothing has changed in that respect. Our contacts list is awash with a broad range of talented and professional composers and musical arrangers. Better still, we know just which ones to call when a brief comes in that requires original music. We’ll always give the clients plenty to choose from and plenty of scope to try out different options. The client always leaves id audio well taken care of and satisfied.  That’s guaranteed.




  • Pro Tools HD
  • Voice Q
  • Neumann
  • SE Electronics
  • Rode
  • Yamaha