Language Zone – Drum


You’ll need a little patience to enjoy the full effect of what we’re showing off in this video clip. We recorded this segment in eight different languages for this language learning project, including Mandarin Chinese and Arabic. id audio is lucky to be located here in the world’s great cosmopolitan capital where we have instant access to actors, voice directors and translators from all over the world. We are also equipped with our own in-house foreign language localisation team. They’re here to make any sort of foreign language dubbing job a breeze for our clients, whether we’re dealing with just one foreign language … OR EIGHT!

Mondo TV

Sherlock Yak


Working alongside French client Voxdub, the brief here was to re voice this 56 episode series and replace a large cast of French voices with International voices. Using Voice-Q, the actors are not just cued for the start of their line; they also can see the speed at which they need to deliver it. This gives us better lip-synch and a much more efficient session than sessions without Voice-Q.


Dialogue replacement


Here id audio was in rescue mode. The client’s original audio was sadly marred to the point of unacceptability due to extreme background noise. Enter id audio.  The voice actor we found to replace the original was not just a good match, he was also marvellously skilled at matching the subject’s very natural – yet unpredictable — cadences. Once again, our Voice-Q software made this work possible – as well as enjoyable for the client.




  • Pro Tools HD
  • Voice Q
  • Neumann
  • SE Electronics
  • Rode
  • Yamaha