My Knight and me

my-knight-and-me-smallNow showing on networks Boomerang in the UK and Cartoon Network in the US, this hit cartoon came to us when it was nothing but storyboards and good intentions. Working for series production company TeamTO, id audio helped gather the client’s ideal cast of VO artistes, and together we originated a winning set of voices and hilarious performances all round. American and UK accents.

Scary Larry


Tales of rock-and-roll tween-age vampires from those fertile animation minds that feed France’s insatiable appetite for animation. The savvy French/American voice director on this project came to id audio to create an all-singing, blood-thirsty dialogue track that made this series pack a real wallop. Result: Scary Larry rocks.


Cyber Group Studios



French animation house Cyber Group needed to cast and record original voices for their new 3D animation series Tales of Tatonka.  Cue id audio to interpret the client’s wishes and turn them into reality.  It’s a story set in the American west, so it’s good news that there is such a wealth of good US character voices to draw from here in London. The scripts also carried with them an educational remit, another long-established skillset of ours at id audio.

Cyber Group Studios

Grenadine & Peppermint


In order to sell this French preschool cartoon into the English-speaking world, the producers needed to replace the original French voices with English-speaking equivalents. At id audio we understood what made this series special, and in that way we were able to retain all of the wit and whimsy charm that made the French-language original so charming.




  • Pro Tools HD
  • Voice Q
  • Neumann
  • SE Electronics
  • Rode
  • Yamaha